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IT’S SOCA WAR & Kidsite is ready

July 15, 2007

newsho2.jpgTHE “CALYPSO WARRIOR” is ready for the fight.

After three years of baiting, Calypso Monarch Kid Site will have seven-time monarch, Red Plastic Bag (RPB) as a possible challenger.

“I want to do battle. I’m glad that the mighty Red Plastic Bag is there. He’s the lyrical master so I’m glad he’s there,” Site told the SATURDAY SUN.

Bag, who celebrates his 25th anniversary in the calypso arena this year, announced his participation in the Pic-O-De-Crop competition last week.

Kid Site didn’t appear too enthusiastic, having finally got his wish, however.

“It [Bag’s presence] seems to be a thing with the fans. The fact that he is back ain’t nothing special . . . . I’ve entered the competition from the beginning. This is 18 straight years.

“I’m not interested in full-time entertainers that have issues about coming or not coming,” he argued. He said he didn’t think the fight for king would be any more intense with Bag‘s presence. “I think they depend on a lot of media hype. The public perception is that they’re icons. So, if they’re icons, let them come and let me see how good they are,” Kid Site challenged.

The call for John King’s participation has not been heeded. King recently reiterated that he was no longer interested in the competitive aspect of the artform. There is no chance of King competing, since he has not registered with the National Cultural Foundation

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