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Bay Street Collision

August 10, 2007

Baje International know how to bring out the people. At last Friday night’s Collision fete, featuring Machel Montano HD, the car park at lower Bay Street was transformed into a major party spot.

The crowd that converged onto the carpark to witness first hand some of the best local performances for this year, were in no way disappointed.  The local acts which included BoBo, Spin Pooch Inc., Mickey and Lorenzo, Hypa Sounds, Mr DJ, Sicky, Timmy, Ayana John, the Conch Man aka Lil Rick, also performing their hits for this year Crop Over festival where the newly formed trio of Barry and Bruce Chandler and Omar, gave powerful and energetic perfomances, all backed by the band Jabae.

Guest performers out of Jamiaca, Voicemail did their genre of music dancehall/Reggae, and although it was not what most patrons wanted to hear at crop over time, they were resonably well received.

However, the biggest and maddest act to hit the stage that night was ofcourse Machel Montano HD. Machel carried the show well into the early hours of Saturday morning, singing hit after hit. Machel even went as far back as ‘Mad Bull’. The patrons who were literally in a soca trance from the start of his act, sang each song along with him, word for word.

Accompanying Machel on stage were Benjai, soca/reggae artist out of Trinidad and the talented Patrice Roberts, the youngest Soca Queen of Trinidad. Patrice can certainly hold her own, her perfomance was spectacular, she perfomed her hit songs The Island, Sugar Boy and Band of the Year, all with much delight of the crowd.

But to climax the show, which by the way did not end until 4:45am, the crowd was bawling Jumbie, Jumbie, Jumbie…… Machel smiled back, paused, took up a position at the front of the stage, and before one word could be uttered by this magnificient perfomer……. the crowd started to sing! Machel in total awe and disbelief sat down on a near by speaker box and listened. They sang intro, verse, brass section and chorus, to the pleasure of Machel.

By the time Machel cued his band and started to sing the crowd had gone into a soca frenzy. Then it was all over.

Patrons departed steadily and peacefully, more than satisfied with the nights proceedings. No fights or incidents were reported.

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