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Has Kaddoment Outgrown Spring Garden?

August 10, 2007

KADOOMENT has outgrown Spring Garden, says the Barbados Association of Masqueraders.

According to president of the association, Roger Millar, there’s a need to spread the stalls over a wider area in order to avoid the congestion that could hamper any emergency effort.

Millar suggested that food, beverage and other stalls could be strategically placed from Spring Garden right up to Pelican Village, thereby giving spectators a wider area to congregate.

“If you end the route with your band and then try to get from Mount Gay back to the traffic lights at Holborn, it takes nearly an hour because of the congestion. There’s congestion on the route with the increase in bands’ numbers, and at the end of the route,” he said.

“Spring Garden is a lovely place but we need to look at how best we can do something about the overcrowding in case of emergency. My suggestion is to take it around the corner to Pelican Village, but we’re open to other ideas.”

He also asked for the criteria of masquerade to be changed, since for over 20 years it was still focussed on the main theme of Barbadiana.

Different themes

He called for a look at themes encompassing the CARICOM Single Market and Economy, pointing out that the Barbadian themes had become overworked and were being rotated.

“I’ve seen bands come with different names but using very similar themes. The world is a global village and we need to be more open-mined in how we see Crop-Over and creativity,” he said.

Millar added: “Crop-Over is unique but there’s scope to open it up to other cultural ideas and elements without losing our own identity. We’re becoming a multi-ethnic society, having a particularly large East Indian community and a Guyanese community that comprises East Indians and Blacks.”

In terms of the criticism that mas’ was restricted to mere beads and bikinis, he said the consumer dictated mas’, but designers could use the bikinis and beads creatively by adding wraps and veils to display their themes.

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