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King Rick

August 10, 2007

“Right now Crop Over is near/ Hypa Dawg gine done bout here/ Get ready to jam this place/ Say Can’t Wait, Can’t Wait.”

THUS he chanted to his royal subjects who heeded his bidding readily and enthusiastically.

So too did the judges, who had little trouble giving Li’l Rick, aka Hypa Dawg, aka Untreated 111 Pine aka Board Mout the most points that gave him his fourth Party Monarch title yesterday at the Mount Gay Cable & Wireless Party Monarch Finals on the Ermy Bourne Highway.

Li’l Rick was borne through the crowd on the grounds by a phalanx of about a dozen standard-bearing stiltwalking “honour” guards, and deposited on stage. Clad in royal robes of shining blue and yellow, and wearing a crown, he climbed down from his “throne”, burst into song and took away the $22 000 first prize.


Best presentation Hard on his heels, with just two and a half points difference, was his Headliners tent-mate Mr Dale. Mr Dale‘s appearance on stage was ushered in by the theme song to Law And Order, after which he pleaded guilty to being a Soca Junkie and brought the Trinidadian powder and jumbie mas’ to Crop-Over. Third place went to Bacchanal Times Khiomal who had one of the best presentations on the day. Blood with his popular She Push He placed fourth, giving Headliners three places in the top five, while All Stars’ Tarah placed fifth.

Also giving impressive presentations were Callender Girl, Basil, Apache, Donnella, Spin Pooch Ink., Mikey, Lorenzo, Barry Chandler and Bruce Wayne. Also competing were Kid Site, Peter Ram, Gregory Ayuen, Adrian Clarke and Timmy. (YB/AK)



1. Li’l RickCan’t Wait (452 points)

2. Mr DaleSoca Junkie (449.5)

3. KhiomalBashment Bacchanal (433.5)

4. BloodShe Push He (379)

5. TarahI Ain’t Looking (334)

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