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The King is back!

August 10, 2007

If there were any doubts that Stedson ‘Red Plastic Bag’ Wiltshire would win the ‘Pic-O-De-Crop’ finals for the eighth time on Friday, they were all laid to rest.

Many thought that David ‘Kid Site’ Piggot would take the crown but in the end, Wiltshire prevailed and Piggot had to settle for third place.

The top prizeincluded US$5,000 and a brand new Toyota Yaris.

patrons were quietly seated in the Barbados National Stadium located in St. Michaels. With stands and part of the inner field almost full to capacity, it seemed the entire island had come to witness the return of Red Plastic Bag.

That was the case with those who got to the venue early; others had to overcome a huge bumper-to-bumper convoy leading to the stadium. The entire night’s presentation had the effect of a musical. As soon as the clock hit 8 o’clock, the band was in place and ready to begin.What was initially thought to be a two-man race, expanded to include a third man, Anderson ‘Blood’ Armstrong, who placed second. Though the results predictions were in favour of Red Plastic Bag, after Blood’s first performance, side comments revealed that it was possible he could have upset the eight-time champ.

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