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Wetfete Closed Early

August 10, 2007

AN ABRUPT END to the Cockspur Caribbean Wet Fete, and the no show of the Idonia from Jamaica, sent some of the thousands of patrons at the Bay Street Car Park into a frenzy last Sunday night.

 The show had been publicised for a 10 p.m. finish, the Royal Barbados Police Force brought the fete to a halt an hour early, to which some patrons responded by throwing bottles and cups into the air, forcing persons in the VIP section to scamper for cover. Police officers and private security guards with dogs were quickly deployed to get the crowd under control and dispersed.

However, commander of the police’s Bridgetown Division, Senior Superintendent Morgan Greaves, described the behaviour of the crowd as “reasonably good”.

He reported that apart from a single chain-snatching incident, there was some “bottle kicking” by half-drunk patrons after the show ended.

Greaves explained there were bottles left behind by those on the outside of the car park and near the Independence Arch which were then kicked around.

“No one was injured and it was just lawlessness. The police moved in and stopped it,” he said. The senior lawman however expressed concern about the traffic problems created by patrons outside the venue.

Several people congregated close to the main gate and by the entrance to the VIP section, which was at the corner of Lower Bay Street and Independence Square. Traffic was also reduced to one lane along this section. Greaves said “close to 100” police officers were on duty at the event which was held at this location for the first time.

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