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5 Ways To Lose Weight Fast

August 12, 2007

women smilingLosing weight is easy. It’s as simple as reducing your calorie intake. However, not feeling hungry is the difficult part of dieting. By following a few simple steps you can reduce your calorie intake without hunger pains and start to lose weight now!

1. Eat a large breakfast. Why do we eat our largest meal of the day when we will be the least active? Start your day with a large breakfast, followed within 5 hours by a medium sized lunch, and within another five hours a small dinner. The large breakfast also lets your body know that it will be taken care of and avoids turning on the “starvation mode.”

2. Savor the flavor. The fact is that the first few bites of have the most flavor. Take a moment to savor the first few bites. Getting into the habit of slowing down while you are eating will also help you stop eating when you are full, since your body will have time to send you the “full signal.”

3. Create a “finish line.” A finish line is especially important at restaurants where you do not get to chose your portion. The “finish line” is an imaginary line on your plate that the food cannot cross. You will divide your portions into smaller portions and eat only the food on the one side. If you use step two and savor the flavor you may be surprised to find that you are full even before finishing the divided portions. The “finish line” when you are at home is two fold. First you will not eat seconds. Secondly, you will only serve yourself a healthy, average sized portion. A healthy portion is considered 4 – 6 ounces of meat and 6 – 8 ounces of vegetables.

4. Take a drink first. Before indulging in a snack stop and drink an eight ounce glass of water, then wait five minutes. You may find that your snack craving is gone by just drinking a glass of water. Plus, the water helps by keeping your body hydrated and by helping you feel full so that if you do snack you will eat less.

5. Never eat sweets alone. Just by eating sweets in front of others we will naturally eat less. First of all because we may share a portion and secondly we don’t want to be seen as a “pig”. Tell family and friends you are on a diet and when you are about to take a huge bite of cheesecake they willing be ready and willing to remind you of your diet.

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