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Lancôme brings new technology to local women

August 30, 2007

lan.jpegLEADING international manufacturer and marketer of perfume, cosmetic, and skin care products, Lancôme Paris, yesterday launched its Diagnos Expert system at Cave Shepherd in Broad Street. Speaking to the Barbados Advocate, International Dermatology Specialist, Julieta Rodigues, who works with Lancôme in Miami, stated that this system was designed to perform a ten-minute diagnostic test of a clients skin, and it assesses its condition.

It was developed after more than ten years of extensive research, and Rodigues described it as a gift to their customers, who have supported them over the years.

Lancômes commitment to maintaining the beauty and healthiness of womens skin was the impetus behind the development of this system, and the specialist explained that it detects any problems that cannot be seen in the mirror, for example, determining the depth and length of wrinkles, as well as the levels of oil within a persons skin.

The first step of the assessment involves a series of questions that are posed to the client, so as to determine any problems that they are experiencing and any particular issues that they would like to have addressed.

Following this, and the actual physical examination of the client, recommendations are made to the client as to the best products that they should invest in, depending on their skin type.

In addition, there is the use of Lancômes Power system, which is designed to guide individuals, showing them the right ways to utilise the right products.

Gail Butcher, Lancômes representative here in Barbados, stated that the relationship between themselves and the European brand has been in existence for eight years, and is one that has been successful for both parties.

She stated that sales of the brand have been good, and as a user of the products herself, she recommends it to all.

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