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Official Carnival Fete List and Events Calender

September 7, 2007


Official Carnival Fete List and Events Calender

Wednesday 12:
6 pm: Innovation hosts exclusive media launch of Colours, for C2K8, Club Zen, Keate Street, Port-of-Spain.

Thursday 13:
10 am: Exclusive media launch of Brian Mac Farlane’s Earth, for C2K8, San Fernando Hill, San Fernando;

6 pm: Trevor Wallace & Associates launches Nautica, for C2K8, House of Angostura, EMR, Success Village, Laventille.

Saturday 15:
9 pm: D’Krewe launches Love Is, for C2K8, Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port-of-Spain.

Sunday 16:
4 pm: Pulse 8 launches, for C2K8, Club Zen, Keate Street, Port-of-Spain;

5 pm: Genesis Carnival launches Tales, for C2K8, Pier 1, Chaguaramas.

Sunday 23:
1 pm: Gerald Kelly launches Children’s Carnival band How? When? Why?, feat C2K7 Junior Calypso Monarch Tinesha Weekes, Surge, Electric Breakers, Unique Style, DJ Studio Guyz, Jean Pierre Complex, Port-of-Spain.

8 pm: Trinity College PTA presents Kaiso in Yuh Pweffen 2—Celebrating Black Stalin’s birthday—feat Cro Cro, Black Stalin, Luta, Relator, Brigo, Heather Mac Intosh, Power, David Bereaux, Regeneration Now, Roy Cape All Stars, Trinity College, Moka, Maraval;

9 pm: Trini Revellers launches Que Viva Mexico, for C2K8, music by Shurwayne Winchester & Traffik, JMC 3Veni and popular DJs, Pier 1, Chaguaramas.

October 13
Legacy band launch Chaguaramas.

Wednesday 26 (BOXING DAY):
(TBA) 9 pm: Tri Star Promotions’ annual Parkway Jam, Skinner Park, San Fernando.

Tuesday 1 (NEW YEAR’S DAY):
4 pm: Trinity College’s Soca in Moka, Trinity College;

6 pm: Annual Yorke Inc Start de Carnival Back-a-Yard Dutch Party, Ann Avenue, Diego Martin.

Friday 4:
4 pm: St Francois Girls’ College annual all-inclusive, St John’s Hall, Wrightson Road Extension, Port-of-Spain.

Saturday 5:
4 pm: QRC Foundation’s Outta de Blue, Queen’s Royal College, St Clair.

Sunday 6:
2 pm: UWI 17th annual all-inclusive fete, UWI Grounds, St Augustine;

4 pm: Island People’s annual Amnesia, Pier 1, Chaguaramas.

Saturday 12:
4 pm: Hilarians’ all-inclusive fete, (venue to be announced), Port-of-Spain;

4 pm: St Mary’s College annual all-inclusive fete, St Mary’s College, Pembroke Street, Port-of-Spain.

Sunday 13:
(TBA) 5 pm: bpTT all-inclusive fete, Pier 1, Chaguaramas.

Friday 18:
9 pm: Central Bank all-inclusive, Eric Williams Financial Plaza, Port-of-Spain;

9 pm: Bazodee Friday, Pier 1, Chaguaramas.

Saturday 19:
8 pm: NGC Sports Club’s all-inclusive (venue to be announced), Port-of-Spain;

8 pm: O’Farrell’s all-inclusive, Mobs2, Chaguaramas.

January 20:
11 am: Pan Trinbago stages annual National Panorama semifinals (venue to be announced);

(TBA) 2 pm: Annual McLeod all-inclusive;

2 pm: Blood Bank Fete, (venue to be announced), Port-of-Spain;

2 pm: US Embassy all-inclusive, Chaguaramas Golf Course.

Saturday 26:
7 pm: Fatima College all-inclusive, at college courtyard, Mucurapo Road, Woodbrook;

10 pm: Alternative Concept 6, Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port-of-Spain.

Sunday 27:
2 pm: Carec all-inclusive, Federation Park, St Clair;

2 pm: Nestle annual all-inclusive, Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Valsayn.

Monday 28:
9 pm: PNM Fete, Balisier House, Victoria Avenue, Port-of-Spain.

Tuesday 29:
9 pm: Eyes Wide Shut Carnivale, Queen’s Park Oval, Woodbrook;

10 pm: Island Style’s Glow, Mobs2, Chaguaramas.

Wednesday 30:
9 pm: Customs Pan-o-Brass-Pan, Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port-of-Spain;

9 pm: Sweetbread Promotions stages Feting with the Stars, music by Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars and Pal Joey Lewis Orchestra; plus Black Stalin and DJs Kabuki and Fred Sounds, The Harvard Club, St James.

10 pm: Bacchanal Wednesday, Chaguaramas.

Thursday 31:
11 am: Escape to Playa del Este, Salybia;

11 am: Beach House Carnival, Ortinola Estate, Maracas;

11 am: Alternative Thursdays, Down the Islands.

Friday 1:
9 pm: Island People’s Girl Power, Queen’s Hall Carpark, St Ann’s;

9 pm: Rise all-inclusive (venue to be announced);

9 pm: D Cooler Fete, Pier 1, Chaguaramas.

Saturday 2:
7 pm: Pan Trinbago stages National Panorama Finals, Skinner Park, San Fernando;

11.55 pm: Island Style’s Insomnia, Mobs2, Chaguaramas;

Sunday 3:
1 am: D’Original Breakfast Party, Diamond Vale, Diego Martin;

1 am: Sunny Side Up Breakfast Party, Palm Avenue West, Petit Valley;

11 am: Sanctuary, Windsor Road, Valsayn;

2 pm: Brian Lara all-inclusive, Chancellor Hill, Maraval.

Monday 4/Tuesday 5: CARNIVAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday 9:
8 pm: Pan trinbago stages Champs in Concert 2K8, (venue to be announced), Port-of-Spain.

Sunday 10:
10 am: Anyhowers’ annual After-Carnival boat ride to La Tinta.

TBA – to be announced

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