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Spread the word.. the Oracle is coming!

September 7, 2007

After our messy births and information gathering infancy, we then challenge ourselves to go. Go further than we were allowed, do more than we should, to discover, to start searching for the answers to questions we never even realised we had. This is where the life experience becomes a little strange, as we search for ourselves,we set out on the path of discovery, going forth with the reckless abandon of a teenager. Making decisions that either send us further ahead or further back. Even going back is progress, progress in the sense that we cannot realise progression unless we can somehow create points of relativity. It is only when we go back can we then know the direction of forward and seek it out as such .the spirit of adventure is the fuel that causes us to make those wild decisions that could ultimately lead to progress or error.

When a child has realised that the perimeter of the world goes further than he was first allowed to see, he gathers the ammunition of the collective experiences of birth and infancy and puts them all into one, all encompassing, self defining step further. Here, his journey has begun, he will now set out a path and walk it carrying the burden of responsibilities, for actions taken. His is the planet and all the world is his subject. This moment, this ‘go forth and multiply’ moment, is one of the first, most important steps to ‘gnothi seauton’ and as much as we would like to tailor this process to our own experiences, we do the most when we do nothing at all to hinder it. the design of a life lays only in the one living it and it is our esteemed privilege to be in the presence of each other whilst we travel this path together and apart. Honour his space and he will honour yours.

source: saucytrini.blogspot

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