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Sonia Mack’s Website is up [Black Widow]

September 9, 2007

Sonia’s Black Widow website has launched and you can find it at:

From all appearances none of the costume options are sold out as yet, which is great for those still undecided on a costume choice. On the website there are the two options, costume A and B with both frontline and backline costumes and also the body suit option called “costume B” yet there is no where to register for the bodysuit.. I guess you have to contact Sonia directly for that one. I also find it interesting that the males are also offered a frontline costume, yes the men have the chance to be a frontline H.O. with Black Widow.

Finally I like that Sonia is offering her bikini/bra sizes in CUP sizes even though the largest available in the pull down menu is a 38D she also has a space where you can type in “other” and the bra size; the belt is also being made according to one’s size in inches. I really do like the close up shots of the costumes and think that Black Widow is one of the best costumes in the overall presentation and I don’t think it will be available for much longer. All you procrastinators Black Widow is an excellent costume choice!


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