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Love is… D Krewe

September 18, 2007
The story of Love, from ‘First Look’ to ‘Climax’, unfolded at the Hasley Crawford Stadium on Saturday night as D Krewe unveiled their debut 2008 Carnival presentation ‘Love Is’. A large crowd was on hand to witness an endless parade of costumes as 19 sections were on show. D Krewe’s inclusion of plus sized models in four sections was overwhelmingly well received by patrons who showed their support with rounds of applause each time one of these models sashayed down the runway. What was made clear is that though 2008 is an inaugural year for D Krewe they are intent on catering to all types of masqueraders with a variety of costume options.Upon arrival at the venue the night got off to a slow start as patrons anxiously awaited the show to get underway. Road band for D Krewe, Dil E Nadan, took to the stage soon after rousing the crowd with a surprisingly versatile repertoire of calypso, reggae and chutney. Just after midnight the real show began as “Love Is” portrayed, through costumes, the many emotional forms of love and it’s consequences as a result of matters of the heart.


‘FLING’ section from D Krewe

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