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Genesiscarnival, website Up

October 4, 2007

tales_lg.jpgFinally, the website is up which means I can put a name to the 7 sections that were shown at the launch and from the labels such as “Fairies” and “Witches & Centaurs” Genesis is also doing a whimsical myths and magic theme with their 2008 portrayal “Tales”! On a side note it is interesting how several bands this year are doing similar themes and even have costumes with the same section names.

I digress, let me get back to the costumes… Genesis, Genesis, Genesis…. I do not even know where to begin! Firstly they totally desecrated one of my favourite theatre productions of all time, Phantom of the Opera, by making the male costume ludicrous!!

It is SO easy to replicate the distinctive Phantom mask that this garish green goblin gas mask is just infantile! This gets the worst male costume of Carnival 2008 for me !In fact many of the male costumes look like campy Halloween costume that one can purchase online. The only male section that looks halfway decent is the Centaur VIP section (Lord alone knows what the VIP entails) where it looks as if the male costume will be airbrushed!

The female costumes are certainly remarkable; I will give them that the majority are quite unique and one cannot say that they look like anything else out there, Genesis is in a league of their own. The “White Witch” looks as if she regurgitated Island People’s Polar Bear, yet it is one of the better female costumes! Some of the frontlines are missing from the website, such as Mermaid, Snow Witch and Fairies, hopefully they are getting a makeover in the interim. My favourite female costume of the lot is Pocahontas, but with prices of between $2495.00 and $3500.00 for female costumes the pricing is not competitive. Sorry to be blunt but there are other bands with superior costumes, in terms of design and construction, for less money! In a year with so many new bands offering masqueraders costume choices galore this is the time to up the ante folks, not drop the ball!

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