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Bajan Artist Heading for Internation Stardom

November 24, 2007

m_ecbfb835dc78a024bef2d3781df6c01d.jpgANOTHER BARBADIAN ARTISTE could be heading for international stardom. Livvi Franc, the 19-year-old singer/songwriter who is perhaps best known (in Barbados) as the featured voice on J-Co’s hit track Pon Fire, is now preparing to launch an international singing and songwriting career after being signed by Jive Records. The deal was officially signed on October 25 in New York.

This effectively makes Livvi labelmates with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Pink, Chris Brown and Usher.

The deal is the culmination of three years of artiste development, which all took place in Barbados. It provides Livvi with access not only to a number of globally recognised artistes for potential collaborations, but also further access to a slew of international industry insiders.

Livvi, a former Queen’s College student, “worked with” list is an impressive one, despite still being in the embryonic stage of the development of her career.

In an exclusive interview with CiRCUIT magazine, her manager of three years, Kerrie Thomas-Armstrong, revealed that to date, Livvi has worked with Toby Gad who co-wrote Big Girls Don’t Cry for Fergie, and with Angela Hunte who was one of the songwriters behind Showstoppers, the first Danity Kane single.

She has also worked with SRP’s Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken, who are credited with discovering Bajan superstar Rihanna.

In a statement released by SRP to CiRCUIT magazine, Rogers said: “Livvi is a brilliant writer with an amazing voice – totally unique and distinctive. Her appeal will cross many boundaries. She also has all the star quality you could ask for – the whole package, which is rare. We (SRP) are excited to be part of the project!”

Armstrong also revealed that access to international industry insiders did not necessarily imply that Livvi’s future project would exclude Barbadian industry professionals.

It was, after all, the strength of her local management and production team which heavily influenced Jive’s interest in the Livvi project. Armstrong will continue to manage Livvi in a co-management deal with Armstrong’s longtime friend, Allison Hunte, who is also Kevin Lyttle’s manager and a Barbadian.

The co-management deal allows Livvi to continue her work with Armstrong, who has guided the singer/songwriter’s budding career, while being further supported by a management link already familiar with the complexities of managing a Caribbean artist in a global music environment.

Livvi’s other local ties include songwriting and production collaborations with Tony Rebel Bailey, Chris Allman, De Red Boyz and Eyan.

She is likely to continue working with other Barbadians within the coming months.

Livvi’s Jive deal may come as a surprise to the vast majority of Barbadians, as not many are familiar with the name Livvi Franc. Livvi’s management team seems to have employed a strategy of lying relatively low on public appearances while focussing on songwriting, voice training and studio recording. And so far, the strategy seems to have paid off.

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