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2008 Int’l Soca Monarch Semis Announced

January 12, 2008

Iwer George 2k8 Power Soca WinnerAnd it’s ON! Sixty-two artists have been announced to compete at the 2008 Soca Monarch semi-finals. However, twenty (10 power/10 groovy) will move forward to ‘Fantastic Friday’ (Int’l Soca Monarch Finals) which will be held on Carnival Friday February 1st.

Bunji Garlin is back to battle currently power soca champion Iwer George. Also making a return is the 4 time Soca Monarch winner, Superblue.

In the Groovy Soca Monarch category, Biggie Irie will defend against some veteran talent as well as the likes of new-comers Kees Dieffenthaller and Zoelah to the competition.

The 2008 semi-finals takes place on Friday January 25th, and the finals will take place on Friday February 1st at the Jean Pierre Complex.

The power and groovy soca monarch semi-finalists are as follows:

1. Ainsley King
2. Brent Anthony
3. C’Donnia
4. Cassi
5. Devon Matthews
6. Eunice Peters
7. Farmer Nappy
8. Gary Cordner
9. Jamesy P (St. Vincent)
10. Kees Dieffenthaller
11. Keegan Taylor
12. Laura Pereira
13. Mr Dale (Barbados)
14. Michelle Sylvester
15. Mr Chucky
16. Nadia Batson
17. Patrice Roberts
18. Peter C Lewis
19. Peter Ram (Barbados)
20. Skhi
21. Shal Marchall
22. Shurwayne Winchester
23. Terry Seales
24. Teddison John (St. Lucia)
25. Tony Prescott
26. Tizzy (Antigua)
27. Third Bass
28. Tracey D
29. Zoelah (St. Vincent)
30. 3Suns
31. Marie Anne
32. Faye-Ann Lyons

1. Allan Piper
2. Blaxx
3. Bunji Garlin
4. Crazy
5. Dawg-E-Slaughter
6. Denise Belfon
7. Eustace and Phive Pound
8. Fireball
9. Kurt Allen
10. Keisha Stewart
10. Lil Rick
11. Lil Bits
12. Luni and Electrify
13. Nadia Batson
14. Nnika (Grenada)
15. Ms Alysha
16. Olatunji Yearwood
17. Patch
18. Pelf
19. Problem Child
20. Ricky T
21. Rootsman
22. Rita Jones
23. Shurwayne Winchester
24. Sanelle Dempster
25. Sean Caruth
26. Super Blue
27. Tizzy
28. Young Marcel
29. Blazer
30. Faye-Ann Lyons

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  1. Judith permalink
    January 21, 2008 4:04 pm

    I can’t believe dat Bajnfuhlife has listed Mr. Dale as a Groovy soca monarch semi finalist from St. LUCIA??? Wunna mad????get it straight…..Mr Dale STRAIGHT OUTTA BIM!!!

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