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Shurwayne wins the Groovy

February 2, 2008
Delivering a convincing performance of “Carnival Please Stay”, Shurwayne Winchester wrested the International Groovy Soca Monarch title away from Barbados and returned it to its birthplace, saving face for Trinidad and Tobago.By the time Winchester had completed his presentation, which featured a Savannah scene following Las Lap and incorporating street sweepers, masqueraders, a coconut vendor and a police officer ordering Winchester to go home, there was hardly any doubt that he was the winner.Taking second place was Patrice Roberts, who sang “More Wuk”, accompanied by the HD Family, including Kernel Roberts. She too went all out with her presentation, which included a troupe of dancers and mas characters. Kerwin Dubois and Shal Marshall showed up on stage riding horses for their performance of “Gal Farm” on a set that featured an entire farm scene, barn and all. They took third place.Farmer Nappy brought with him an entire roadway for his rendition of “Chipping”, for which he earned fourth place. Defending Monarch Biggie Irie, of Barbados, delivered a half-hearted rendition of “Band On Fire”.
Seeming to have accepted that he would not retain the title, Biggie cut his song short and invited fellow Bajan act Peter Ram to the stage and they did a duet of “Pumping”, which made the audience very happy.
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