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We are going Back to Square One!!

May 22, 2008

The Party Central ladies made it happen, and people…. brace yourself…they mean it!

For the first time, since the band disbanded five years ago, Square One as we know it, with all the original members will put on a show of all shows on Saturday July 26th 2008 at Kensington Oval. This event is hosted and promoted by Party Central, known primarily for their “shooter girls” who go from fete to fete serving up some very intoxicating drink mixes. These ladies had a dream, and that was to see Square One back together again. So with the encouragement of the popular radio DJ John Doe, they contact as many of the original band members they could reach and started to put the concept together.

A sizable crowd came out in support of this event, at the recently held cocktail party and show launch. The invited guests were visibly overjoyed with the fact they will once again, even if for just one night, get to see their favorite all time band Square One perform together again.

Anderson Armstrong, known to most as Blood, and one of the two lead singers of the band, was posed with the question of ‘Why now?’ His response was simply, “nothing happens before its time, and the time is now!” Blood added however, that he did try about two years ago to get the band together for a show, which would have marked the 20th Anniversary for the band Square One, but unfortunately, that was not the time.

Guests also wanted to know if this was just the beginning, and if they had considered more shows together, but the members all agreed that this was the one show that they were all committed to. What the future holds is unknown, and that no other shows of this nature were discussed. What needs to be mentioned is that since the band Square One was disbanded, that the big band scene in Barbados had become none existent. Excluding the truly talented and dynamic Krosfyah, who spend most of the year touring the world, and unfortunately hardly ever get to perform here for their fans, the rest leave a lot to be desired. The dynamics, the energy and the synergy that the band Square One brings to the stage each and every time they perform is truly, truly unprecedented.

Leading up to this incredible night, would be two promotional events, which would be like none you have ever experienced. The first would be sort of a soca-ciser-thon! This event is simply two hours of exercise, with the band members and fans, to all your favorite Square One tunes. The location will soon be confirmed so stay tuned! The second would be a motorcade starting from #1 Record Shop all the way to Lemon Arbour, where it would climax into fair, of sorts.

So folks, miss this once in a lifetime experience and blame no one but yourself, don blame de rain, ‘cause a lil wata ent gun kill yah, don blame de bus, ‘cause wans yah get town, de oval short dey….. whaeva excuse yuh lookin’ fuh, fuhget it.

The time has come to spread the word, the rumors are true, and they are coming back, for one more time, just for you! Kensington Oval July 26th 2008!

We are going Back to Square One!!

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