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Monster Army Launch

June 4, 2008

The setting at Gun Hill Signal Station on Sunday evening was ideal for the Monster Army launch. Those present, included persons with whom the Monster Army intends to align itself with throughout the Crop Over season and possibly beyond. These would include the masquerade bands such as Gwenith Squires, VSI, Wednesday 2000 and Berger Boyz, party crews such as Brewster Road, Waddadah and Passion Network, and the key outlets like auto marts, supermarkets, corner shops, variety shops and many, many events across the island.

CEO and Business Development Manager of Brydens, Mr. Ricky Nurse, gave an enlightening and at times hilarious presentation and an insight into the Monster brand. He indicated that Monster was rated amongst the Top 50 energy drink brands in the USA in 2007 by the magazine Advertising Age and also received the 2007 Retailers Choice Award for Best New Product for their coffee flavored drink, Java Monster. Java Monster has not yet been introduced to our market, hence the unfamiliarity with the name.

The launch also introduced the first platoon of the Monster Army, who will be very visible throughout the Crop Over season at numerous events, assisting in the promotion of the energy drink. Monster kicks off its fete week with the Waddadah family on Wednesday at Tyrol Cot, Berger Boyz at Club Xtreme on Thursdays, Brewsters Road Crew on Fridays and VSI on Saturday.

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  1. January 10, 2009 7:28 pm

    I’ll be part of the Monster Army !
    Hooah !!!

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