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NXS Standing Tall In The Gap

June 14, 2008

It was said the location would deter patrons. It was also believed that a new club would not be able to survive the competition from more established venues. Club NXS has defied all odds, with a powerful debut week with many high-points, to debut as the #1 club in the St. Lawrence Gap.

The club launched on Friday, May 30th with hundreds partying to major acts including Krosfyah, Red Plastic Bag, Jabae, L’il Rick, Peter Ram, Kimberley Inniss and others. The bars performed solidly and the media gave the club two thumbs up.

Sunday saw the debut of Sizzling Sundays, which performed beyond expectations, and attracted solid patronage for this weekly event. Monday saw a repeat of this, with Energy Mondays starting on top, with over 400 patrons partying the night away (until 3am that is!).

Visitors and locals alike love to lime, party and drink, drink, drink, and the club’s Tuesday drinks specials did the trick, as close to 500 descended on the artistic, ultra-modern bars, and tried in vain to drain the bars!

The opportunity was taken on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to continue construction on the inside, while opening the bars on the outside for small parties only, as carpenters, electricians and painters were busy continuing the upgrade of the courtyard and stage areas in preparation for Saturday.

Saturday June 7th saw one of the largest turnouts in St. Lawrence Gap for the year to date, as 1,400 patrons comfortably partied in all areas of the venue to headliners Monsta Piece, an event which is set to take place each and every Saturday, and is sure to grow to become a colossus.

The final day of this report is a shining example of exactly what management of the club anticipates… growth, strongly assisted by Starcom Network, the Club’s official media sponsor.

Sizzling Sundays, in just its second week, absolutely dominated the Gap, with over 400 patrons, making it one of the biggest Sunday nights in the St. Lawrence area in recent memory.

Within the ten nights covered in this release, approximately 3,500 patrons visited the club, a powerful showing for a new brand in such a competitive environment.

The club’s management confirmed that five nights will be moving to the large courtyard very soon, as the patronage on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays will allow the club to utilize its expansive infrastructure, and five existing bars, as promotion of the venue will be kicked into high gear in the coming days.

“We were using the first ten days to basically train our staff, test the DJ lineup, tweak our bars, get a better idea of which products are the fastest movers, and see which concepts work and which don’t. We are about to move into the second phase of our operations, and will begin really promoting the club from this point as our larger events will soon be announced,” Ronnie Morris, the club’s Marketing and Events Manager said.

Club NXS… We do everything in excess!

Article by Ronnie Morris

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