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King Khiomal

July 28, 2008

2008 Barbados Crop Over Party Monarch. Photo by Chrissy.

KHIOMAL IS THIS year’s Mount Gay Cable & Wireless Party Monarch. His winning was met with overwhelming approval from the crowd which waited patiently for the results announced just before six o’ clock. Singing Unleash the Beast after collecting his winnings of $22 000 from the Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Culture, Senator Irene Sandiford -Garner, Khiomal was congratulated by Mikey who came second. Third was Natahlee. Last year’s Monarch Lil Rick came fifth.

BELOW ARE THE final placings for this year’s Mount Gay Cable & Wireless Party Monarch Finals, on the Ermy Bourne Highway on Sunday, July 27.

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1. Khiomal Nurse 425.00 points Unleash De Beast
2. Mikey 413.5 points

3. Natahlee 394.5 point

4. Mr. Dale 389.00 points

5. Lil Rick 386.00 points

6. Red Plastic Bag 378 points

7. Miguel 367.5 points

8. Blood 349.5 points

9. Kimberley Inniss 345 points

10. Rameses 338 points

11 Donnella 336 points

12. Hee Haw & Dragon Slayer 334 points

13. Justin King 332 points

14. Peter Ram 318.5 points

15. TC 311 points

16. Dragon Slayer 282.5 points

17. Buggy 280 points

18. Jafar 272 points

19. Jay B 271.5 points

20. Jimmy Dan 236 points

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