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Firery Cohobblopot

August 5, 2008
Edwin Yearwood & krosfyah @ Cohobblopot

Edwin Yearwood & krosfyah @ Cohobblopot

Edwin Yearwood & Krosfyah got the show in motion with a bit of nostalgia, performing some of their old hits right through to Khiomal’s party winning Unleash De Beast. The response Khiomal got for that song was a little tame considering he is the new Party Monarch.

After that, it was nothing but pulsating soca with Machel And The HD Family, along with more than ten seductive dancers, lacing the Oval with hit after hit.

The only time the tempo came down was when Machel sang One More Time and the women gladly accepted with hands in the air and a slow grind.

Patrice Roberts and Farmer Nappy shared the stage for a few of their hits and they were both well received.
The older folks in the crowd were unmoved up to this point, but Machel’s cry of “King David” changed that and judging by their well timed sway, David Rudder’s Give Praise was the icing on the cake.

The cherry on top was one of Jamaica’s most popular groups, T.O.K. making a surprise appearance. They were intransit from a show in Dominica and chose to spend the night at Kensington and teased the crowd with their hit Fyah, Fyah.

After Machel dominated the stage for almost two hours, Barbados’ own sensation Rupee had a rough time.
It would have been hard for any artiste to battle the high energy performance of the Trinis, and to make matters worse, the organisers stopped Rupee during his second song to draw for the people’s prize, a BMW car.

A bit dumbfounded, he stepped backed and after a long wait was asked to sing another song while the officials waited for the winner to come forward.

It was no different for Peter Ram, Mikey or Natahlee as the thick crowd that drew close soon scattered after the long wait for the door prize. Some artistes and patrons afterwards said it was again biased and unfair treatment regarding the allotted time for them and the running order of the show.

Communications officer at the NCF, Wayne Simmons, said the patrons got their money’s worth with Machel’s set and he also explained why the local artistes performed after.
“This is our show, a Barbadian thing, and it is only fitting that some of our biggest acts closed the event,” he said.
Hypa Dawg rebuked the five minutes given to him to perform and gave the remaining patrons an excellent finish to the night’s show. He performed Wuk Up with Gorg, Break Away with his protégé Unda Dawg and hits of his own with a full complement of dancers.

However, before the big bonfire of the krosfyah band and Machel and his crew, there was some hot sauce thrown into the Pot.

Two kings, Junior Monarch Sir Ruel and Pic-O-De-Crop’s Adrian Clarke, made their appearance to the fans’ delight, while the new royal “Jokers” – John Mohammed and Nard both caused a commotion of wuk-ups, jucks and stabs, with their Hold De Brass and Socaerobics respectively.
Kid Site sang his party song, Raise It Up, then fed the people his pigtail song and chanted free-style on his legal troubles, proving why he was three-time dub champ.
The “old dawgs” – Grynner and Gabby – got to stir the Pot with a dash of their speciality brand with Gabby singing Give Me Soca and to the crowd’s delight Grynner doing Leggo I Hand.

Red Plastic Bag ended up Wining On The Wrong Gal, while Biggie Irie made no mistake with his song to the Big Girls.


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