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Barbados Music Awards nominees

November 13, 2008

11_disturbiaThere are promises of a revamped Barbados Music Awards when the prestigious event comes off next year.

The five year old Barbados Music Awards has become one of the most anticipated events on the local entertainment calendar.

And while it has always looked good from the outside, Chief Executive Officer Ronnie Morris recently told a private launch, the event has had several challenges.

One of these he says has been maintaining the high standard of the show due to the high cost of staging it.

But the young entrepreneur is not daunted and he and his team have overhauled the event.

That change to the nomination process will see … additional judges on the panel rather than the 36 used in previous year.

But beyond the glitz and glamour of the awards, Mr. Morris notes that several studies have been carried out on the industry in Barbados and these have been very insightful.

One of these, a three year study of the local music industry, showed that artists were starting their careers too late.

A quick look at some of the nominees shows international artist Rihanna with five nominations, Best Collaboration, with T.I for Live Your Life; Best Artist Pop/Rock/Alternative; Song of the Year for Disturbia, Video of the Year where she is nominated twice for Take a Bow and Disturbia and Female Entertainer of the year.

Songbird Ayana John is next with four. She is up for Best collaboration, working LRG on the song Paper Chase, which is also nominated for Song of the Year. She’s also being considered for R&B Soul Artist – and Female Entertainer of the Year.

There’s also Justin King of the band Strategy and Calypsonian Stabby, they both have two nominations.

BMA Special Awards

* Lifetime Achievement Award- Square One
* International Lifetime Achievement Award- Regina Belle
* Living Legend- Anthony Walrond
* Award of Merit- Winston Jordan
* Cornerstone Awards
* Cornerstone- Ivory
* Cornerstone- Wayne Poonka Willock
* Cornerstone- Merle Niles
* Cornerstone- Win Callendar

Best Collaboration

* Tara and Blood- This Is Fete
* Ayana John and LRG- Paper Chase
* Janna and Rasheeda- Candy World
* Rihanna and T.I.- Live Your Life
* Ruby Tech and Damian Marvay- Hustle

Best New Artist

* Justin King
* Livii Franc
* Stabby De Guard
* Janna and Rasheeda
* Toby Armstrong and Blues Explosion

Ragga / Mid- Tempo Soca Single of the Year

* Wrong Gal- Red Plastic Bag
* Natahlee- Sun To Sun
* Krosfyah feat. Edwin Yearwood- Nah Missing Me
* Justin King- Soaking Wet
* Gorg- Tipsy

Soca (up-tempo) Single

* Stabby- Go Stabby
* Blood- That Is What I Talking Bout
* Khiomal- Unleash De Beast
* Edwin Yearwood- Handle Ya Business
* Kirk Brown- Show Me

Best Social Commentary

* Mr. Impact- Where Is My Country
* Adrian Clarke- Put That In Ya Song
* Red Plastic Bag- De Government Change
* Sheldon Hope- How Much Longer
* Classic- They Dun See

Soca / Calypso Album Of The Year

* Soca 2008- South Central Management
* Blood Ties- Redd Head Records
* Loaded- Monsta Piece
* More Fire Blazing- De Red Boys
* Feeling Nas- Dwaintrobus

Best Non- Soca Compilation

* Unpolished Underdogs- Triple E
* Best Christmas Ever- CRS
* Mojo Vibes- Lethal Studios

Reggae Artist of the Year

* Buggy
* David Kirton
* Seth Billy

Gospel Artist of the Year

* Paula Hinds
* Lana Spooner
* Hosia Hinds
* Crystal Cummins- Beckles
* Suzanne Dottin

Jazz Artist of the Year

* Rosemary Phillips
* David Ziggy Walcott
* Marissa Lindsay
* Black Clay Soil
* Andre Woodvine

R&B / Soul Artist

* Ayana John
* Hal Linton
* Shontelle
* J-Co
* Damian Marvay

Pop / Rock / Alternative Artist

* Kite
* Rihanna
* Nexcyxx
* Phillip 7
* Toby Armstrong and Blues Explosion

R & B / Hip-Hop Artist of the Year

* Trezay
* Ruby Tech
* Fantom Dundeal
* Nitro
* Wizzurd

Song of the Year

* Shontelle- T-Shirt
* Rihanna- Disturbia
* Edwin Yearwood- Nah Missing Me
* Ayana John feat. LRG- Paper Chase
* Rupee- Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

Video of the Year Male

* Krosfyah feat. Edwin Yearwood- Nah Missing Me
* Buggy- Outside Lady
* Kirk Brown feat. Danny Reid- Baby
* Fantom Dundeal- One Minute
* Khiomal- Start De Madness

Video of the Year Female

* Tara- All Night
* Rihanna- Disturbia
* Shontelle- T-Shirt
* Tejay- Chimmie Pappa
* Rihanna- Take A Bow

Album of the Year

* De Red Boys- More Fire Blazing
* Krosfyah- Journey
* Redd Head Records- Blood Ties
* Dwain Anthrobus- Feeling Nas
* Triple E- Unpolished Underdogs

Band of the Year

* Strategy
* Fully Loaded
* Krosfyah
* Massala
* Nexcyxx

Producer of the Year

* KB #
* Peter Coppin
* De Red Boys
* Radar
* Anderson Armstrong

Songwriter of the Year

* Answar
* Edwin Yearwood
* Stedson Red Plastic Bag Wiltshire
* Janice Lady J Devonish
* Chrystal Cummins- Beckles

Female Entertainer Of The Year

* Rihanna
* Shontelle
* Natahlee
* Tarah
* Ayana John

Male Entertainer of the Year

* Buggy
* Kirk Brown
* Khiomal
* Hal Linton
* David Kirton

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