THE GENERAL is indeed moving on but he is not yet with the Master.

A concerned and very much alive Edwin Yearwood has dispel rumors that spread throughout the Caribbean that he had passed on.

The krosfyah lead singer said he got word of his death when he arrived home from Trinidad yesterday morning.

“As soon as I land I started to hear this thing. A few people that used to belong to Dread And The Bald Head called me actually crying,” said Yearwood, adding that he had similar calls throughout the day.

He said he did not know where the rumour started, but he got a call from Antigua and the news was spreading in Guyana, Grenada, St Lucia, Dominica, Jamaica and Trinidad as well.

Reports of his sudden demise sent promoters in Trinidad who had booked him for some appearances into a panic and he has had to reassure them.

“I’m alive and well. I’m just glad to be able to speak and tell you that,” he said to his fans.

The news took him for a loop, he added, and made his mother Margaret very concerned. But other than being “a little rundown”, he insisted that all was well.

Yearwood spent two days in Trinidad, where he performed with Bunji Garlin and worked on a remix of Nah Missing Me.

The triple-crown monarch is also working on his second album for VP Records, which is due for release in the new year.

Those who still need reassurance that he is alive can see him tonight at the Spirit Of The Nation Show at the gymnasium of the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex, the Soca Village in Bayley’s, St Philip, or at the University of the West Indies.