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Sherwayne & Y.O.U. to sing for ‘The Cause’

December 2, 2008

shurwayne_winchesterHe’s pulling out the stops, engineering his way into the lives of Trinbagonians worldwide by demanding the attention through the music he sings and most definitely, through the greatness of Y.O.U.

It’s one man and his band once again…

As Christmas revs into gear and Carnival 2K9 follows in close pursuit, Shurwayne Winchester and Y.O.U, the band that was launched to the world this past October, feverishly continues to work with the aim of impressing and providing true enjoyment to every class, colour, gender and most definitely, every age.

On December 1st, the Brian Lara Promenade will come to life with the movement, motion and character of an artist and his band who remain focused on the mission that is music. This time Shurwayne is lending his image and brand to a social cause as he teams up with the Ministry of Social Development and they both work hand in hand to bring to light the concern of the disabled in one form or another.

Shurwayne and Y.O.U. will perform for the public on the Promenade in Port-Of-Spain from 12 noon this coming Monday and anticipation is high among the band, that hundreds of eager Trinbagonians and those visiting from abroad, will come out in support of this very noble cause, after all, as he put it, there’ll be much to benefit from an afternoon of love, education and music blended to create a true platform of growth and change in the prelude to the holiday season.

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