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Machel beats heavenly drums

January 10, 2009
Heavenly Drums will take place on Saturday February 14, while the junior version for children will take place on February 7 at venues to-be-announced.

Soca Superstar, Machel Montano will beat a "Heavenly Drum" this Carnival as he prepares for two installments of his annual concert series, The Alternative Concept. AC7: Heavenly Drums will take place on Saturday February 14, while the junior version for children will take place on February 7 at venues to-be-announced.

There’s a difference in the way Machel Montano is approaching the season this year and as Carnival 2009 heats up it seems that Montano is sticking to his word and “achieving much more, by doing much less”. Instead of “super-gigging” he’s using his time in a more guided manner.

CCN TV6 will soon begin airing a new television series entitled The HD Family Workout, which will focus on Montano and his band of musicians, performers and dancers, as they prepare for the busy season ahead in the gym at Long Circular Mall, St James. This series will feature health and diet advice and routines and is just one component of an additional meaning which Montano recently added

to his HD moniker: Human Development.

In the interest of human development, Montano will soon launch a children’s book entitled Boy Boy and The Magic Drum, which was illustrated by Kenneth Scott and conceptualised by Natascha Jones and Dawn Cumberbatch of Doo Doo Darling Productions, alongside Anthony Chow Lin On and Montano himself. The book will serve as a map to Montano’s latest production: a children’s musical, which is being touted as the junior version to The Alternative Concept and will feature an all star cast of 100 actors, dancers and performers. This show is being produced by award-winning theatre director Mervyn de Goeas.

“As part of his focus on human development,” explained a spokesman for the Soca Star, “Machel is encouraging parents to read with their children and will be directly involved in a series of library and community reading sessions that will also include messages of environmental awareness and consciousness, some of which are included in the book.”

A multimedia promotional campaign for the book and the event will soon begin appearing, even as Montano prepares to launch an environmental awareness campaign in conjunction with communications giant, TSTT. If that weren’t enough to fill his plate, Montano will headline the seventh installment of his annual concert series, The Alternative Concept, which has been dubbed “Heavenly Drums” and is scheduled to take place on Saturday February 14 at a venue to-be-announced. This is the end result of Montano’s visit to Brazil, facilitated by the UN, during which he met and exchanged with the famous drummer Carlinhnos Brown.

While unwilling to share his client’s performance calendar or fee figures with us, Montano’s new Manager, Anthony Chow Lin On stated emphatically that Montano is, in fact, booked to appear at various events every weekend from now until the end of the festival, with the only exception being the week prior to his two major events: The Alternative Concept 7 and the junior version for children, which takes place on February 7.

On the musical side of things, Montano recently released several new songs, including: “Raving” and “Mesmerize”, in addition to exciting collaborations with: Patrice Roberts (“Sway In The Mas”), Lil Jon (“Coming Around The Corner”) and Soca Star, Umi Marcano (“Block to Block”), who is also the newest member of the HD Family.

Both the children’s musical and the television series will also feature music from Montano’s extensive catalogue and even pan lovers will feel his presence this season, as Montano has also recorded a song for defending Panorama champions, Phase II Pan Groove. Entitled “Magic Drums”, this song was written by Kernel Roberts and will, of course, be arranged by Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, leader of the steelband.

“Machel is preparing to take advantage of some international opportunities which have become available to him right now,” said the spokesperson, “but because so much of what he does is a part of the Carnival experience, he decided to use Carnival 2009 as a launch-pad for his other endeavors and spark an entire movement in the direction of his major focus, which is Human Development.”

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