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Soca Divas Unit

February 2, 2009

Destra Garcia, left, Denise Belfon,centre & Alison Hinds right

They are being affectionately called the three Ss for the 2009 Carnival season – Sassy, Saucy and Sexy. The names were bestowed on Destra “Sassy” Garcia, Denise “Saucy” Belfon and Alison “Sexy” Hinds at the launch of their Obsessive Winers song at SynergyTV more than two weeks ago. Since then, Obsessive Winers has been burning up the airwaves. For Garcia and Belfon – who were once bitter enemies following a cat-fight at Angostura Ltd five years ago – the song serves to strengthen and solidify their friendship. “The damage has been repaired,” said Garcia, referring to the fist-fight between Belfon and her. “Sometimes, as an artist, tensions run high and you tend to fall into a trap of competition. But that is history now…. You learn from your mistakes and move on.”

Garcia, who has been mashing up Carnival fetes with her popular song Sassiness, urged her female counterparts to have a more positive outlook on life, stressing that “the time we spend bad-talking someone, we can do something productive and worthwhile.” The sultry soca diva admitted that when the three Ss meet they are inseparable. “We live like sisters,” said Garcia, during a telephone interview last week. “We sleep at each other’s homes and sometimes eat from the same plate. That is how close we are. The soca industry is so segregated (that) we are bringing unity to the fore.”

Garcia admitted that Obsessive Winers was written two years ago by Kerwin Dubois – for her. “At that time, the song hadn’t a name,” Garcia explained. “It was put on hold because of my busy schedule inside and outside of T&T. “Then, last November, the song was pulled out of the closet. “That’s when I invited Belfon and Hinds to partake in the recording,” she said.

“It filled us with excitement because we had never sung together.” Garcia said the invitation was extended to Belfon to show fans they were “just cool” and life had returned to normal. While Hinds and Garcia�s voices are prominent in the single, Belfon,s vocals are more powerful.”Denise carried the power of the song; she was the more dominating female,” said Garcia. At first, Garcia said they wanted to name the song Queens because they had each carved a name into the world of soca over the years. However, they had a change of heart and opted for Obsessive Winers instead. “This is what the three of us are known for – wining. Nobody can wine like a Caribbean woman,” Garcia said with a chuckle.

Garcia said she looked at a recent music DVD of American singer Beyonce, who attempted to wine, and couldn’t come up to scratch. “We Caribbean women are natural-born winers,” Garcia said, laughing. “It’s in our blood. Nobody can take that from us.� Belfon, in a telephone interview, admitted Garcia was now her dear and loyal friend. “That is water under the bridge as far as I am concerned,” she said, as she reflected on the squabble, which attracted national attention. “I think we had gone to the extreme. At that time, we were both hyper and were noted for not taking any nonsense. In any relationship, teeth and tongue must clash. hat is all part of life. You live and you learn.”

Now older and wiser, Belfon said they have since heeded the words of US President Barack Obama, who last year called for change. “Change started with Obama, and we are just continuing with it,” Belfon promised. “For us, this is just the start of things to come. ” Belfon said her appearance on stage with Garcia was not a publicity stunt, but an effort to show the world what women in the region could do.

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