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Cavalcades off to quiet start

May 5, 2009

IT MAY have been the weather or the low-keyed advertising but the first session of the 2009 Banks LIME Super Six Cavalcades series didn’t have its customary bang at the start of the annual Crop-Over Festival.

The crowd was on the measly side when the National Anthem played at 8 p.m sharp. Nonetheless, there was a steady stream of people who trickled into the National Cultural Foundation’s car park to be a part of the pre-festival fever. Over the following three hours the massive hoarded into the immense space spilling out into the streets.

But try as they might, members of the Cavalcade home band Electrik that included lead vocalists Keann Walters and Ja Don Knight and Timmy only succeeded in moving the front-row audience behind the barriers.

Mac Fingall, the evening’s MC, prepped and primed the first stragglers with his punchy, engaging non-stop humour, moving the aloof crowd with his jokes.

Reigning calypso monarch Adrian Clarke, like Fingall, got an explosive response from the crowd.

His 1995 ragga soca hit Nice Time did certainly “nice up” the party as things were winding down, as he did his vocal impressions of Tiger and Elephant Man.

But it was his rendition of Sister Marshall’s Walk Holy that turned the ragga soca Richter scale up a notch during the bridge that, as they say,”dun di show”.

This year’s format for the Cavalcades has been changed to accommodate four Heritage Fairs, in keeping with this year’s festival theme “celebrate we heritage”.

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