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Kiddies Kadooment returns to the National Staduim

July 19, 2009

Kiddies Kadooment has return to the National Stadium on July 25th 2009 and apparently have a more bands on the road this year. It is estimated around 4000 kids and begin at the usual Tyrol Cot.

Peter Ellis of Farmers Choice according to indicated how happy he was to be participating in what he called the region’s premier festival. He said Kraft and Farmer’s Choice support go back many years, and Junior Kadooment presents an opportunity to contribute to cultural development. He also thanked the NCF for creating a meaningful way for children to express themselves.

In addition to outlining the route the juniors will take, co-ordinator Adisa Andwele said site visits at the stadium began as early as March to work out security arrangements for children to be reunited with their parents outside the stadium after parading.

He also said the NCF will be providing two music trucks to be with bands which do not have their own music. He emphasised that band leaders have been instructed to select music that is wholesome and truly reflects the spirit of the festival. Additional entertainment will be provided by the band RDX.

Tickets for the Kraft Farmer’s Choice Junior Kadooment are on sale at CS Pharmacy, Broad Street, Bridgetown; Digicentre, Sheraton, Sergeant’s Village, Christ Church; Warrens Ticket Centre, Super Centre, Warrens, St. Michael; NCF Headquarters, West Terrace, St. James.

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