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Showbiz boss: Let’s go beyond kaiso

August 13, 2009

An interesting article was published in the Nation news paper recently and we thought it interesting for every Bajan to give their feedback on this issue of Crop Over, the Music and the entire future of the festival.

THE CROP-OVER FESTIVAL has to move beyond the diaspora and attract a wider audience.

This is the view of Phil Phillips, entertainment entrepreneur and former manager of the band krosfyah, as he commented on the just finished Crop-Over Festival.

“We don’t have the luxury as a small developing nation to only stage something that appeals to the fancy of Barbadians and Barbadians in the diaspora,” Phillips said yesterday in an interview with the DAILY NATION.

“We also have a mandate for our culture to be exported and while some aspects of the society may be comfortable that we have people coming in from Brooklyn and London, we can’t be content, because then we are not any different from any other festival in the region.”

Phillips also said that Barbados could not afford the luxury of staging a festival that only promoted one genre of music.

Visit the following link to view complete article and you can post your comments. If you don’t see your comments you can post them here on our site.

Crop Over Article

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